Simon Jessop was a Trusted Carer Assessor within Lincolnshire. He also has personal experience and insight of being a carer in the 1990s. With his 37 years of social care experience Simon is in a strong position to be able to support carers of adults and older people In Lincolnshire, Peterborough and Rutland.

• Help navigating the ‘care system’ and find the right services for you.
• Offer an optional unique respite service where the cared for person avoids going into a care home.
• Represent you if you and your loved one are in receipt of poor care from a home care agency or care home
• Support with benefit uptake.
• Availability at weekends.
• Long term support, we do not close your case.
• Same day response to your call/email.
• Support in taking up your carers personal budget.
1 to 1 service.


From April 2016 Lincolnshire County Council will charge self funders (over £23,250 in savings) to set up care for them. We can offer you three guarantees.

1. Our charges will be less than the councils proposed fees.

2. We will respond to your request within 48 hours.

3. Direction to the best local care providers only.

Talk to us about your scenario. We are even available at weekends.