Dementia Services / Care Coordination

The Dementia Companion Service (from January 2015 service now open to all vulnerable adults)

Age Care Advice was established in July 2011 by Simon Jessop, a qualified, registered, independent Social Worker. Simon has 37 years of experience providing support and care co-ordinating services to people with dementia and their families.
Simon has experience of working with people in care homes, the community and hospitals for local authorities and the NHS. A member of the South Lincolnshire and Leicestershire/Rutland Dementia Action Alliances, a Dementia Champion and a Trusted Carers Assessor, Simon has gained a sound reputation. Client and other professional testimonials are available on the website.
At Age Care Advice, we strongly believe that each person’s dementia experience is unique and that people require consistent, trustworthy and individual support.
So what can we offer?
An opportunity to have one care coordinator/companion working alongside you during you or your loved ones’ dementia experience and journey: One assessment, one familiar person and one phone number, available to you seven days a week, 8am to 8pm for as long as you require. We do not close your case unless you say so.

We will ensure:
• Your care is appropriate, monitored and adapted as your needs change.
• We can monitor your loved one if you take a break/holiday.
• We will guarantee responding to you on the same day.
• We can respond to any concerns immediately if you do not live near your loved one.
• We can support people when attending appointments such as the Memory Clinic, Consultant, GP, CPN or Solicitor. Also when attending dental, optical or hearing appointments.
• We can be there when the plumber is due to quote, help you find a gardener, electrician, deal with utility companies and arrange other household management tasks.
• We can help promote your benefit uptake.
• We can help achieve as much support as possible via your Personal Budget if working with Social Services.
• We can visit and represent you if you are in hospital making sure you receive good care and your discharge is properly and safely organised. We can monitor you once back at home with an aim to avoid readmission.
• We can be the first point of contact on your carers emergency plan and with the Lifeline Alarm Service.

We now have 2 contracts with the NHS due to the success of this service.

Responsive. Effective. Flexible. Reliable. Proven.

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Tel: 07772 992732 | 01476 552137 (Lincolnshire) | 01572 756666 (Rutland)

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