Financial Advisors

Age Care Advice meet older people and adults and their family on a regular basis, who during an assessment will ask questions about financing longer term care planning. This is one area that we are unable to advise on and would require your services, although our we will be able to assist in all other aspects of long term care if required.

Age Care Advice has a long career history within social care teams within local authorities and the NHS, so we know about financial constraints and gaining value for money.

We have sound frontline knowledge of the care market, what constitutes good practise and as you will see from our range of services we always follow up to make sure that services that have been arranged are working well for all involved. Clients retain our involvement and support until it is clear that the service delivers what it promises.

If you have a client that is seeking support with the coordination of care services whether that be at home or within longer term care, please talk to us.

Age Care Advice offer –

• One Care Coordinator for the client for as long as the client wishes.
• Very experienced, reliable and friendly staff.
• An easy referral process.
• Availability seven days a week.
• Added value to your products.
• Supporting self funders with the Care Act.

From April 2016 Lincolnshire County Council will charge self funders to set up care for them. We can offer you two guarantees.

1. Our charges will be less than the councils proposed fees.

2. We will respond to your request within 72 hours.

Talk to us about your scenario. We are even available at weekends.


For advice please call:

Simon on: 01572 756666, 01476 552137 or 07772 992732

Email: or use the contact form

 on the homepage.