“From a GP perspective having one point of contact and coordinator for this family has been invaluable.”

Lincolnshire GP

With 37 years experience within local authority social care and NHS teams, we fully understand the difficulties GP’s can have when referring a patient for a social services assessment. We at Age Care Advice can provide you with a simple, straight forward referral process. There are no call centres or waiting lists and because we can control our work load our response times are quick. We do not turn people away as we have no criteria in place. So we offer:

• A fast and simple referral system
• Very experienced staff
• Quick responses
• Reliability
• One Care Coordinator for each patient, not a variety of people.
• A resource for you and Community Nurses

Your patient has the opportunity to retain their Care Coordinator if they wish. This is very beneficial for all involved as the Coordinator really gets to know the patient and their family and can intervene whenever required for instance when their might be a problem with a domiciliary care provider or during times of crisis such as a hospital admission or discharge. This gives peace of mind to the family who may not live locally. See out list of services for details, including a hospital discharge package and respresentation at a hospital or GP appointment.

We have had 3 NHS contracts.

From April 2016 Lincolnshire County Council will charge self funders to set up care for them. We can offer you two guarantees.

1. Our charges will be less than the council’s proposed fees.

2. Your patient will be assessed within 48 hours.

Talk to us about your scenario. We are even available at weekends.

For advice please call:

Simon on: 01572 756666, 01476 552137 or 07772 992732

Email: or use the contact form

 on the homepage.