Local Authorities/Procurement

Age Care Advice has over 37 years experience working with older people and adults and their carers within local authority and NHS social care teams. We are in a strong position to accept commissioned work.

Because of this varied experience we can offer competence, skill and knowledge around areas such as:

• Adult Safeguarding (10 years experience)
• Dealing with complaints and mediation
• General complex case work
• Capacity and Best Interests Decision assessments
• Hospital discharges
• Reviews community,long term and out of county placements
• Supervision of social work or unqualified staff (including Skills for Care NQSW Scheme)
• General assessments using your documentation and the RAS.
• Brokering Personal Budgets (Accredited Broker)
• Trusted Carer Assessments
• Project work includes-supporting those who have lost services due to county council change in Fair Access to Care criteria. Over 50s for Age UK and under 50s for Lincolnshire Public Health. Also moving 80 services users with a learning disability from one provider to new providers
• Working with self funders or those assessed as low or moderate need
• Running 3 free social work surgeries within Lincolnshire and Rutland GP Medical Practices

Clients have included Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland County Councils.

For advice please call:

Simon on: 01572 756666, 01476 552137 or 07772 992732

Email: agecareadvice@gmail.com or use the contact form

 on the homepage.