Residential & Nursing Homes

Talk to us regarding finding the right care home for you or a relative, tailored to your preferences and support when visiting care homes short-listed and a review meeting 6 weeks after admission.

Care Home Managers will be caring for some of the most vulnerable people in society. This will include residents who fund their own care, might not have mental capacity and no independent person to monitor their well being. Local Authorities have no legal obligation to review self funders within homes although they actually occupy around 40% of beds available.

We have 37 years experience of working with homes and agencies completing in depth reviews. These independent reviews can make sure standards are high and that all that can be done for a resident is being done. As well as the person benefiting a review can offer a family member some peace of mind and have an opportunity to have their say to someone who does not work for the care provider.

Our Care Coordinators have years of safeguarding experience. Sometimes reviews can reveal examples of poor practise or trends developing that might lead onto problems with CQC or local safeguarding teams. Our aim is to identify any problems and work with you to remove them thus avoiding external interventions.

Other permanent care reviews might identify a need to up grade a residents funding from the local authority. The review report can be used as evidence to support this.

A typical review will include:

• A face to face meeting with the client.
• A study of the clients paperwork and recording in the clients file.
• Attendance at a review meeting with the relevant people.
• The agreement of any outcomes and actions from the meeting.
• The completion of a review report given to the client and the care provider.
• Checking of compliance issues around risk assessments and care plans.

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