‘Thank you for the professional and determined manner in which you managed the care of Mrs x. After such a challenging situation it is evident that Mrs x is happy and having her needs appropriately met. Well done Simon, I really appreciate such a valuable and committed member of staff.’
Senior Area Manager –  Lincolnshire County Council.

‘My mother has always been an unselfish person so she finds it difficult putting her interests first. It is certainly wonderful to see her smile and laugh again. Thank you for all the effort you put in to helping us and her.’
Daughter of a Client – Hertfordshire. 

‘I have known Simon Jessop for 3 years. I consider him to be amongst the most reliable and trustworthy employees I have ever had. He has extensive experience and knowledge of people with mental health problems and has consistently displayed excellent judgement.’
Adult programme Director – Massachussetts, USA.

‘Simon Jessop is honest, capable and personable and has demonstrated a long commitment to social care where his work with elderly people and their carers has been sensitive and well directed.’
Principle Area Manager – London Borough Barnet.

‘Mrs Y was very complimentary in her letter to the Assistant Director of Adult Care Services regarding your involvement with Mr Z. You have made a positive impact on him and his neighbours due to the proactive way in which you addressed the situation. I would like to acknowledge the positive and professional image you represent of Lincolnshire County Council.’
Senior Area Manager following a letter received from a Housing Manager in Lincolnshire.   

‘Simon posses a sensitivity towards our consumers which is noteworthy. His approach to the client is direct yet supportive. Simon demonstrated good advocacy skills and completed his assigned tasks in a more than competent fashion.’
Director of Residential Services – Massachussetts, USA.

‘Simon, thank you for your support of Mum and I. I was surprised and disappointed that you have been asked to close our case. I hope that we can ask for you again when we need help.’
Carer of Client – Cambridgeshire.  

‘Simon gives a high level of ability and commitment to providing effective services to his clients and has a thorough and sensitive approach to assessment and care planning.’
Team Manager – London Borough Barnet. 

‘Thank you for everything. We were having an awful time with Dad when we met you and now things are settled. Thanks for listening to us and being so understanding.’
Family of Client – Hertfordshire.  

‘I would like to thank you personally for the professional and active approach that was taken when responding to the Hatfield Train Crash.’
Director of Social Services – Hertfordshire.

‘We are delighted with your service. I think it is going to make a difference for Dad in the short and long term.
Daughter of Client, Lincolnshire 

‘I just wanted to thank you for the help and support you have provided for Mum and Dad and me over the last few months. Being able to draw on your knowledge and experience has been invaluable, not just for dealing with ‘the system’ but also for ensuring that the care Dad is receiving is all that it should be. It has also helped me to be able to ask the right questions of the right people and your advice has undoubtedly helped us to achieve the successful outcome as regards Dad’s care and funding.’
Daughter of Client, Lincolnshire

‘From a GP perspective having one point of contact and coordinator for this family has been invaluable.’
Lincolnshire GP

‘Drawing on his extensive knowledge of the social care system, Simon has been able to put together a plan of care sensitive to the needs of several of the families affected by dementia with whom I have been working. Simon has been working with one family with a particularly complicated dynamic and has been able to come up with a plan which has eventually been agreed to be in everyone’s best interest.

Simon has been a godsend to several of the families I have been working with. A carer in Stamford told me recently that he felt more confident looking after his wife because he knew ‘Simon was always there’.’
Dementia Support, South Lincs”

‘Simon Jessop is a much valued member of our Partnership network. His counsel and experience particularly in complex case management and the safeguarding of vulnerable adults is invaluable and something that we regularly draw on in our team meetings and training sessions.
I particularly appreciate his commitment to see each individual person’s case through to the end, settling for nothing less than the best care and support for those referred to him. He practices a ‘whole person’ approach to assisting and advising clients, their families and carers. I have witnessed his excellent negotiation and advocacy skills in operation while securing the most appropriate options on behalf of his clients.
It is a privilege to work with him in serving senior and vulnerable citizens in the south west of Lincolnshire.’
CEO, Evergreen Care Trust

‘I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help over the last few years. It has been so reassuring to know that you were there to help sort out any problems. I am so glad I was given your name and details, I dread to think how I would have dealt with the situations that arose without your assistance. I am sure that there are many more people who would benefit from your services. Mum’s last few years were all the better because of your input.’
Daughter of client

‘This is the gold standard of care coordination.’
Lincolnshire GP

‘Have I got you for life?’

‘You are a lifeline to many’
Cousin of client

‘You really did make a difference and improved his quality of life tremendously and I am extremely grateful for that.’

‘Thank you for sending her to me she was Champion.’
Brother of client

‘I am just grateful you became involved in his life. Thank you for getting him back on track with everything, medicines, food, finances etc. Apart from his benefit it also gave me breathing space.’
Daughter of client

‘I wish I had found you earlier.’

‘Thank you for all you have done, you certainly made a difference to his life.’
Grantham Customer

‘My wife and I think the service is fantastic. We have someone who is professional and knows how to support and guide us.’
Boston Customer

‘Just a note to say how appreciative we are to the way … treated our mother in law, the professionalism she displayed and efficiency organising the care arrangement was admirable.’
Spalding family. Spalding customer.

‘I am so grateful for your invaluable help and support-moral and otherwise-thank you so so much.’
Bourne family

‘We want to keep your excellent services for the foreseeable future. Mum says you are an absolute godsend.’
Stamford carer

‘Thank you again for your timely advice regarding Appletrees without that Mum would not be here today.’
Bourne carer

‘I want to thank you for all of the advice and guidance given to me this year.’
Stamford carer

‘Having so greatly benefited from your service with my Brother can you tell me if there is another Age Care Advice in Stafford.’
London family. Stamford customer.

‘The service sounds like a life saver.’
Suffolk family. Stamford customer.

‘Thank you for putting this support together, it’s terrific.’
Suffolk family. Stamford customer.

‘We and our mum feel that it has been very successful and that the resulting care in place is working well. Your help has greatly reduced the amount of effort we have had to do particularly so living some distance away from Bourne.’
Family re Bourne customer.

‘Many thanks for your advice, support and prompt attention.’
Edgware family. Peterborough customer.

‘You’ve been brilliant.’
Ipswich family. Stamford customer.

‘We saw …. she’s lovely and we are so grateful for you help. The carers are amazing. You are life savers.’
London family. Spalding customer.

‘I have 4 of your business cards now from my GP and I have finally met you. He said you would have placed a different perspective on my situation and you have.’
Ryhall customer

‘I have heard great things abut you and your services, you are obviously passionate about your work.’
Peterborough Solicitor.

‘There is good structure to …. week with input from Age Care Advice services which are having a beneficial effect on …. and family, taking the pressure off them.’
Community Psychiatric Nurse.

‘Thank you for your tremendous support over the last couple of years which allowed me to work at home and care for mum. …. and …. you are extraordinary people who gave her so much fun!’
Rutland family.

‘Thank you for your special care and attention, I am such a lucky person.’
Care home resident.

‘You do a great job advocating for elderly rights.’
Lincolnshire family.