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How technology will help with your home care

Facebook-f Linkedin It’s probably fair to say that technology has come into its own during the lockdown. The truth is it’s been used as part of the home care service for some time. A valuable tool to help home carers look after the needs of their patients. But in recent months, technology has been an

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Your local vulnerable people need you

Facebook-f Linkedin Would you agree that we are living in unprecedented times? The COVID-19 virus has shut down how we normally live our lives. But it’s also a time to reflect. To remember that not everybody is the same and some people might be more vulnerable because of this situation. In many ways, this is

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Care at home and understanding your needs

Facebook-f Linkedin Nobody likes to admit they can’t cope. For some, it’s an admission of defeat while for others it’s a sign they are getting older. But let’s put these feelings aside for now and take an honest look at care at home and what it could mean for you. What’s your experience of care

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How the care system works for you

Facebook-f Linkedin This is such a huge subject, but I want to share some basic information that might help you navigate the system. I’m not going to be able to cover everything, but I will give you a quick overview and a summary of how it works. Nothing to do with funding, that’s a whole

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Customer feedback

Feedback from the son of one of our customers

Facebook-f Linkedin This is some wonderful feedback from the son of one of our customers we have had the privilege to work with. The names have been removed for privacy’s sake. “My father has been a widower since Nov 2014 and lives alone. He suffers from dementia and has to be administered a daily tablet

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