96% of GPs and Nurses would consider signposting Age Care Advice for patients


A recent survey of 200 GPs and nurses has revealed an impressive 96% would consider recommending services such as Age Care Advice to their patients, while 94% said it would offer enhanced support and care for patients and their families, as well as a fast response time and quick access.

Respondents said organisations such as Age Care Advice were an “accessible point of contact for rapid assessment and information in regard to care”, and would be “absolutely invaluable as a “single point of contact and an ongoing relationship with trusted person”, adding it was “especially useful over the weekend”.

Age Care Advice provides support services for self-funders and can carry out patient assessments within 48 hours of first contact, including at weekends. Our services include helping people with daily activities, providing home visits and offering personalised support seven days a week, 12 hours a day.

One participant in the survey said: “Some elderly patients live alone and this service can provide them with company and assist them in daily activities of living.”

Another pointed out that Age Care Advice and other organisations often do more than standard care agencies, such as supervising mail so important medical or other appointments are not missed, while a third respondent said it “would give patients and their families the peace of mind they need at difficult times. Help is there when it is needed, and they don’t have to struggle.”

The survey also found almost 87% of GPs and nurses said being able to quickly refer patients to a service such as Age Care Advice would help them, as it eliminated the need to search for multiple solutions, saving clinicians time and enabling them to focus their energy on treating patients.

One respondent said: “As a senior nurse working through this pandemic, we would refer onwards to a social worker or just advise families to visit homes of choice. However, in this time of very integrated working it would be helpful to have a link or guidance to the process.”

Another said: “I often find it extremely difficult to know where to refer people if they are not unwell for hospital or active recovery. A family was struggling recently, and I spent a long time discussing with social services who were unable to help as the family needed to look at respite homes themselves.

“I had no idea where to signpost them for this. It took a lot of time, and this kind of service could avoid that.”

Since its founding in 2011, Age Care Advice has worked on several NHS contracts and won three awards, including the 2021 Social Care Award for Best Independent Care Coordination Services Provider – East Midlands.

We are passionate about the care of everyone, from vulnerable young adults to your loved ones in their golden years. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for all those we support to ensure they get very best care, support and guidance during their time with us.

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