Age Care Advice for Family and Friends

Do you have a loved one such as your Mum, Dad, Sister, or neighbour

that requires care?

Are you currently waiting for a call back from the council in relation to a self funder assessment?


Age Care Advice is here to help you get the answers you need.

If your loved one is self funded, we have an extensive list of services available for their care.

We will respond to your questions and requirements for care, quickly and effectively. We will provide you and your loved one the right type of support and guidance you both need. 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.

Full list of Services



Your loved one will become an extension of our family.

Founded in 2011, we are a professional group of dedicated, local Care Coordinators.

We will help you overcome the challenges you face and the questions you have in the confusing and often frustrating area of care. You will be clear on all of the options available and your loved one’s best interests are held in the highest regard.


We offer practical support, advice, guidance and proactive suggestions regarding your loved one’s care options and are available 7 days per week, 12 hours per day. To date, we have worked hand in hand with over 3,000 people, with just a small selection of our services outlined below

7 dAYS/12 hours

At home support, advice, guidance and proactive suggestions 7 days a week, twelve hours per day

48 hours

Initial contact and Community Care Needs Assessments provided within 48 hours


We have expert experience of this process and can ensure you get it right first time

360 coordination

Representation of your loved one in hospital and safe discharge home coordination

FLEXIBLE support

Continued support provision e.g. moving personal possessions to homes, property clearance, mail collection, unwell pets and so much more

This is a particularly stressful time for you all and we guarantee the initial assessment within 48 hours.

You will know where you stand and what your options are for your loved one. Quickly.

Living a long distance away from your loved one is tough. Your local Care Coordinator can visit your loved one weekly and be on hand to respond to any crisis such as ill health or hospital admissions. We can help support with every day challenges too such as broken door locks, floods from washing machines and over grown gardens. We can be your eyes and ears; peace of mind restored.

Completion of benefit and assessment forms can also be a daunting task. We have expert experience of this process and can ensure you get it right first time.


Not sure where to start? Pick up the phone and let’s have a chat to see how we can help you. We will do our best to point you in the right direction.

“I could enjoy a holiday safe in the knowledge that my father’s health and welfare was safeguarded. It was a weight off my shoulders, and I can’t thank him enough.”
of Father with multiple needs
“……….. made a real difference in finding out what Dad really wanted in terms of a suitable site for a care home, truly understanding where Dad would prefer to live. “
of Father with Dementia
work with us

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Telephone: 01778 219639 
Email: agecareadvice.team@nhs.net
Address: Butterfield Care Hub – 2 North Rd, Bourne PE10 9AP