Customer feedback

This is some wonderful feedback from the son of one of our customers we have had the privilege to work with. The names have been removed for privacy’s sake.

“My father has been a widower since Nov 2014 and lives alone. He suffers from dementia and has to be administered a daily tablet of warfarin. Since my father has lived alone, his ability to cook and administer his warfarin diminished and became a serious concern to his family.
Due to my early retirement, I was able to spend a considerable time living with my father, however, I live in approx. 88 miles away and have commitments in that area, therefore I, unfortunately, started to feel the stress of living 2 lives and on more of a serious note was concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to continue the same level of care I had done previously.
It was then I decided to consider a care plan for my father, was introduced to one of your care coordinators and she thereafter has been caring for my father on a daily bases.
Since she started caring, my father’s warfarin levels are now stable, he is eating a hot square meal daily, given genuine loving company, entertained by her amazing sense of humour, in as much that my father considers his Companion like his daughter.
Age Care Advice Companions really do go the extra mile. One such occasion was when my father’s toilet started leaking, creating enormous stress to him (I couldn’t make the trip to Sleaford) therefore I contacted his care coordinator. She duly rearranged her schedule to ensure she got to my father’s bungalow to give reassurance until the plumber arrived several hours later.
Another instance, the gas board was scheduled to service the boiler, She duly ensured she was at the bungalow to oversee the maintenance.
Apart from the above mentioned, her versatility includes collecting the tablets from the surgery, taking my father to appointments, keeping the bungalow clean and tidy, changing and washing bedclothes, keeping me informed of mail that requires actioning.
Also from a personal factor, she has provided me with peace of mind, knowing my father is being cared for at the top loving level he is, has really given me comfort. Many thanks, for your support and may it last for many years to come.”
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