“I am very happy to recommend Simons service. Knowing that he keeps a watchful eye on my vulnerable clients on a regular basis, with the ability to respond to their needs immediately is invaluable.”

Stamford Solicitor.

You will very likely have clients who are older, requiring support and help at home or who are already living within a residential or nursing home.

We at Age Care Advice have 37 years experience of working with people throughout the UK, previously based within Local Authority and NHS teams. We are trained to make sure our clients receive the best care and gain value for money. Our clients well being and safety are of paramount importance throughout the work we complete with them.

Services include –

  • Certificate provider. One week turn around.
  • Capacity assessments (COP3). One week turn around.
  • A full, in depth community care needs assessment involving the client and anyone else they choose to be involved.
  • Researching and organising the best local care options.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the care.
  • Health and Welfare Attorney.
  • Companion Service (1 to 1).
  • One off assessments and reviews of your clients within the community or care homes.
  • Research and finding the best local care home for your client and making sure your client is well cared for following their admission.
  • Follow on roles from the above such as moving personal possessions to the home, clearing the property, collecting mail, meter readings etc.
  • Client representation on a hospital ward and the coordination of a safe discharge home.
  • Accessing benefits, social care or NHS funding.
  • Supporting self funders with the Care Act.
  • OPG yearly care reviews for deputies.

From April 2016 Lincolnshire County Council will charge self funders to set up care for them. We can offer you two guarantees.

1. Our charges will be less than the councils proposed fees.

2. We will respond to your request within 48 hours.

Talk to us about your scenario. We are even available at weekends.

For further information or to arrange a meeting please call:

Simon on: 01572 756666, 01476 552137 or 07772 992732

Email: or use the contact form

 on the homepage.