Carers' Support from Age Care Advice

As a carer, you’re always in demand – from the person you care for, from your own family and, often, from work. 

We get that. We REALLY get that and we are in awe of how well you carry out your duties as a carer, which is more often than not a full time ‘job’ in itself. 

Age Care Advice’s Carer’s Support service is available for use 12 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

Navigating 'the system'

Age Care Advice offers an affordable service to find the right services for you as a carer, which will ensure you maximise your income as a carer and that you receive the most support possible from organisations that are there to help. 

Respite for carers

Caring is tough. We know this through first hand experience. Your social circles decrease because you’re unable to drop everything and just pop for a coffee when your friend asks after you and then the messages from the friends reduce and, eventually, stop. 

Age Care Advice offers a respite service which will allow you both short and longer term breaks from your caring role so you can indeed go for that coffee or maybe a weekend break without having to worry about the person(s) you care for.


If you feel that your loved one is in receipt of poor care from an agency or a care home, we will represent you and your loved one to resolve the issues you are facing. 

age care advice with a carer discussing respite care

Carer's personal budget

Did you know that most local councils offer support to carers in the form of a carer’s personal budget? This budget is paid annually to you to help with things like paying a regular cleaner, ironing, your well-being, and paying towards respite holidays for yourself. Age Care Advice will support you in obtaining this budget each year.

Our service is available 8am-8pm, 7 days per week. If you need any help during these hours, we are available to provide the support that you need. We pride ourselves on our speed of response. We aim to provide a more thorough response on the same day that you call or email us. Contact us today to see how we can help you. Call 07772 992 732, 01476 552 137, or email us on agecareadvice@gmail.com

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