How to cope with the unpredictable side of caring

Facebook-f Linkedin How to cope with the unpredictable side of caring   When you’re providing care for a loved one things don’t always run smoothly. One of the most difficult areas you often have to cope with is erratic or unpredictable behaviour. So, let’s explore what this is, the causes and how you can cope

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5 reasons why a daily care routine is important to you

Facebook-f Linkedin 5 reasons why a daily care routine is important to you And by ‘you’ that is for your loved one and yourself. To provide a daily care routine you must be conscious of everyone involved. This is important for your mental wellbeing and health. So, the first question has to be what is

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Introducing Care into your home

Facebook-f Linkedin How to introduce care for your loved one If you have a loved one who recognises they need help at home, introducing care will be a relatively easy task. For those who are less inclined to accept the situation, it can be a very stressful time for all involved. You’ll often find several

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As a Carer, it will help if you make plans

Facebook-f Linkedin  You never know what’s around the corner. Sounds like a cliché but if nothing else 2020 has proved this point. For those living with a disability, long-term health condition or simply getting old it has been a difficult year. What it’s also done is place additional strain on Carers.   Every Carer has

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Care at Christmas for your loved one

Facebook-f Linkedin For many of us, Christmas and New Year is a great time of year. Eating, drinking, catching up with friends and family. An opportunity to reflect on the year just gone and look forward to the year ahead. If you’re caring for a loved one this can be a difficult period for both

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7 practical tips to help you as a Carer

Facebook-f Linkedin There are millions of Carers across the UK. Supporting family members suffering from a long-term illness, mental health, disability or simply those who are unable to cope on their own. Carers offer a vital lifeline that will help many remain in their homes for longer. If you are new to the role of

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